As soon as you as step out, there are so much to see and do -- here are just some ideas, events and festivals in the Okanagan area to make your stay in the Okanagan a complete holiday experience!

Dining Out in and around Summerland...

There are many restaurants to choose from in the area. Just ask Ming and Walter for some suggestions. We are more than happy to make a reservation for you! To avoid disappointment, advanced bookings are recommended especially during the busy season.

Walking distance or within a 10 minute drive

15 minute drive

1 hour drive or less

1 1/2 hours Drive or Less

  • Vernon
  • Silver Star Ski Resort
  • Predator Ridge Golf
  • Princeton

Other Places of Interest

  • Banff and the Rocky Mountains, approximately 5 - 6 hour drive
  • Vancouver, approximately 4 hour drive

Summerland & Okanagan Festivals & Events

for complete listing visit:

Okanagan Fruit Blossom / Harvest Times


Blossom: Late April, Harvest: Late August through October


Blossom: Late April, Harvest: Late June through mid July


Blossom: Late April, Harvest: Mid August


Blossom: Mid April, Harvest: Late July


Blossom: Mid April, Harvest: Late July

Prunes & Plums

Blossom: Mid April, Harvest Mid August


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