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yes, we are behind the scenes...

Our priority is your comfort and that your Bed & Breakfast experience with us is fondly memorable. We strive to be your destination and to be one of the many highlights of your Okanagan getaway.

Walter, retired from the high-stress of high-tech while I came from a trades background in printing, publishing and manufacturing, and it was timely towards the end of 2011,  to leave that behind to make a complete career change when deciding to become owner, operator, hostess of this beautiful, well-established Bed & Breakfast.  I have finally discovered and realized my dream job and with my best friend and partner -- my husband, we take pride in maintaining a 5 star rating through Trip Advisor, keeping the status of being the best Bed & Breakfast in Summerland. In Spring of 2014, we were awarded the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor based on our excellent reviews. Our goal to pamper guests with full service and passionate emphasis in serving fresh, healthy and delicious breakfasts in a luxurious comfortable environment…. and why not? This is our lifestyle! We seek to hosts guests from around the world as well as right here in our back yard and across Canada and welcome them to Wine Country in BC's Okanagan. We are discovering the many varietals of BC wine, and we love to cook. We serve what is in season, and locally grown whenever we can. R&D means wine tastings, strolling in vineyards, tasting food, testing new recipes gathered locally and from our travels. We welcome you to Apples and Quails Bed & Breakfast.



photo courtesy of Roslyn Buchanan

Introducing Gunnar

Our new baby, he is a Shorkie-poo (his mom, a yorkie-poodle / his father a shih tzu) which makes him non shedding and he hardly ever barks. He is hypoallergenic and is mellow and calm. He is behind the scenes as well, and upon request, Gunnar will be happy to make a showing!



November 2014, I decided to support the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society as my charity of choice. 

I love animals, and dogs in particular.  I would not be able to tell their story better than they can. To learn more, please click onto their link....

Their campaign, Help Us Raise a Trainer motivated me to sponsor a puppy, named Aura.

  Aura with students at Douglas College. PAD puppies help destress students during mid-terms

 Aura in Training, learning patience while waiting. She's doing a good job.   

2014 -- Lots of changes... 

We added a lot more space to the back terrace... see before and after photos.


The only lawn is of eco-turf, a mixture of grasses with a deeper root system. It is a coarser grass requiring less water and maintenance. Walter likes this! all the plants and flowers are of either native and are drought tolerant perennials. Currently I am building a plant list  and will continue to add to it which is also on my blog under Garden.  

Our Front Lawn Before & After



. Here, Mike from SummerGate Winery gives Walter some pruning tips. New varietal of grape vines in nursery now! Check in early June when the seedlings will in planted. 


May 24, 2014…. YAY! Walter's digging the holes for the grape vines. 

 These are 2 year old seedlings. Once transplanted, we've protected them with tubings which allows the sun's rays to do its job but protecting them from wind, and the lawnmower, etc.


Balcony Project Apples n Spice Room Winter 2013-2014

1st phase: with a new little balcony with private entrance to the Apples n Spice Cottage Suite allows our guests to enjoy lake and mountains! 2nd phase: 2nd phase: we chose cellular blinds for window coverings. Fabric is "Newhall" colour "Heirloom" gives the room enough light block with a warm cozy glow. The main blinds allow lots of light from above but also gives privacy.


 Enjoy refreshments on deck and take in the views!



Our Front Lawn Converted to Garden, Before & After

 Water conservation

and low maintenance were the 2 major reasons to convert our front lawn to this beautifully designed landscape native and perennial garden. The native plants thrive in the Okanagan dry summers, while surviving gardening zone 5.


Looking back at 2013 -- it was a wonderful year!

We opened our home to more guests this year than last, and were delighted to see familiar returning faces as well as meeting new friends. We welcomed guests from Australia, Europe, the United States, several Canadian Provinces including Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta as well as from here in our home province of British Columbia. August and September were record months for us!. We introduced the Lemon Lavender Cookie; inspired from our travels from Provence. We added some local art to our walls. We invite you to scroll down and review 2013 wish us. We look forward to 2014!

pathway  deck  We put in a rock garden and a walkway! We have a new prune plum tree, added some drought-loving native grasses and some low-maintenance flowering plants. 

New Living Room additions: Comfy Guest Chairs (Addyson Chairs from Pier One in Silver Leaves)  Hammered Copper Round (Flexsteel, Symphony), Chinese Umbrella Stand from Peking Lounge (this was a fantastic find during my Spring Break in Vancouver!)


We hosted our first open house

Walter carved more than 15 signature apple quails. It was a wonderful time, and we met many of our business friends from our community. It was a success!

Marketing our very own Apples and Quails Aprons…. for purchase or promotional give-aways!


Locally made bathsalts Naramata Soapworks…

enjoy during your stay here  or for purchase. 


  We invested in a dehydrator, and from last year's jams and preserves, we invented fruit leather! We have 3 kinds: rhubarb strawberry, peach, and cinnamon apple…. we also made apple chips in the fall.

  Picking 10 lbs of cherries for preserves, and cherry clafoutis. Individual size clafoutis for afternoon tea or desserts for our guests.

We harvest zucchinis in July; we serve up zucchini fritters with lox, spinach and poached egg or fritters with sides of melon and prosciutto  Or…. zucchini nut loaf, hmmmm; one of our fav's



My First Brioche, ever!! 

   Enjoy warm right out of oven, or I make french toast from day-old!


Gift Basket, courtesy of Apples and Quails

Our very own granola, apple chips and preserves with samples of Lone Tree locally roasted coffee beans, Summerland Sweets Syrups, Okanagan Honey, Poplar Grove Cheese, maple syrup.


Late April 2013: Our Front Garden


Late June 2013: Our Front Garden


Mid October: Our Front Garden

Mid September: Apple Chips make great snacks!

cored, thinly sliced, with peels left on, on extra sugar, dehydrated to a nice chewy consistency. You will be able to slowly taste the natural sweetness of the apple. 


Foraging Morels in June

June means time to forage for mushrooms. There are Morels to be found in the forests around Summelrand. They make a wonderful sauce for steaks and pasta and for breakfast -- omelet.

    We have not been so lucky with finding wild asparagus. Any long time local will tell you their wild asparagus patch is precious and secret; and  will never divulge its whereabouts. So we buy ours from The Market in Summerland, right off Hwy 97C and Jones Flat Road. We made a wonderful Asparagus Risotto for dinner, but again it, too can be wonderful in an omelette; especially the local variety with its tender young shoots.


Did you ever think that May is a perfect month to  make preserves? Especially when you have lots of Rhubarb ready for picking. We start with making jars and jars of Rhubarb Strawberry Compote.

Making Rhubarb Strawberry Compote

Did you think that  May is a perfect month to  make preserves? 

Especially when you have lots of Rhubarb ready for picking. We start with making jars and jars of Rhubarb Strawberry Compote. We serve compote with toast, and yogurt. We also use the compote in desserts and baking pies and tarts. We also make fruit leather from the compote! No wonder we call May, the Rhubarb Month.



Our Homemade Granola! Wholesome, healthy, and delicious!

Lots of seeds, nuts, fruits, as well as Summerland Sweets Maplapple Syrup and 100% Canadian Maple Syrup for extra goodness.

We serve granola by itself with milk, or with yogurt. 

Try it in a parfait: granola / yogurt / with our rhubarb-strawberry compote on top!


As Spring is just at our door we are starting up our season by harvesting chives and making some improvements in our kitchen. Come and see what we've discovered and added to our family of appliances.



Chives are the first herb to flourish in the garden.

So even in April, we are able to cook with fresh herbs with baking a batch of these old fashioned Chives and Cheddar Cheese Biscuits. They are easy and scrumptious warm right out of the oven. Enjoy alone with a pat of butter or serve with side of lean turkey sausage. Yum!

Did you know that chives is an herb and the smallest member of the onion family.

We use chives for omelettes and for scrambled eggs and it's a beautiful and plentiful garnish as well.

still April, but  

Winter CabbagePoor Old Winter Cabbage

is enjoying its last days in the April Sunshine.

It is flowering and going to seed.

Did you know you can eat an ornamental cabbage, but at this stage of its life, alas, it tastes bitter.

and new life….  

Daffodil & Tulips Galore! 

With Tulips finally showing their colours, Spring is truly here!

 Spring Garden, April 2013


As we leave winter behind, join us for a walk through our transitional flower garden in early March. See the changes with the addition of our new walkway and rock garden. In June, we'll be adding 2 new fruit trees to our existing family of Fuji, Gala and Peach fruit trees. 

March Transitional Flower Garden

Things are just waking up during this very early stage of spring.

flower garden

from left to right: transitional from winter to spring -- winter cabbage still going strong, crocuses, mini daffy, hyacinths, fall mums left from last autumn, winter heather, primose pink, primrose yellow, red heather.

If you look really close you will see the tulips peaking through.

Celebrating spring, the new arrivals of Baby Quails

Walter carved the baby quail out of a crab-apple with a precise and steady hand.

 The new family amongst our grape vines

Adding a few more grape vines

Our Poor Gala Apple Tree

 broke and fell overnight… We were devastated when we saw this in the morning!!   And After, much better… voila -- Tiny Tim!


Introducing Apple-Gail

her new home in the Apples n Spice Room, here before and after!





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