Behind the Scenes - 2014


November 2014, I decided to support the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society as my charity of choice. 

I love animals, and dogs in particular.  I would not be able to tell their story better than they can. To learn more, please click onto their link....

Their campaign, Help Us Raise a Trainer motivated me to sponsor a puppy, named Aura.

  Aura with students at Douglas College. PAD puppies help destress students during mid-terms

 Aura in Training, learning patience while waiting. She's doing a good job.   

2014 -- Lots of changes... 

We added a lot more space to the back terrace... see before and after photos.


The only lawn is of eco-turf, a mixture of grasses with a deeper root system. It is a coarser grass requiring less water and maintenance. Walter likes this! all the plants and flowers are of either native and are drought tolerant perennials. Currently I am building a plant list  and will continue to add to it which is also on my blog under Garden.  

Our Front Lawn Before & After



. Here, Mike from SummerGate Winery gives Walter some pruning tips. New varietal of grape vines in nursery now! Check in early June when the seedlings will in planted. 


May 24, 2014…. YAY! Walter's digging the holes for the grape vines. 

 These are 2 year old seedlings. Once transplanted, we've protected them with tubings which allows the sun's rays to do its job but protecting them from wind, and the lawnmower, etc.


Balcony Project Apples n Spice Room Winter 2013-2014

1st phase: with a new little balcony with private entrance to the Apples n Spice Cottage Suite allows our guests to enjoy lake and mountains! 2nd phase: 2nd phase: we chose cellular blinds for window coverings. Fabric is "Newhall" colour "Heirloom" gives the room enough light block with a warm cozy glow. The main blinds allow lots of light from above but also gives privacy.


 Enjoy refreshments on deck and take in the views!



Our Front Lawn Converted to Garden, Before & After

 Water conservation

and low maintenance were the 2 major reasons to convert our front lawn to this beautifully designed landscape native and perennial garden. The native plants thrive in the Okanagan dry summers, while surviving gardening zone 5.



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