Fruit Salad, served with or without yogurt.

Baked Grapefuit

 A simple light alternative to Grapefruit. So good and so good for you! This one's gluten and dairy free too!

Home Made Granola

 we use maple syrup as well as Summerland Sweet's Maplapple Syrup and Sunflower Oil from Penticton's Ceres Seed Oils


This one is baked with apple sauce and mashed banana, no butter, no oil for a lighter muffin but still a good source of bran!



Oven Baked Orange French Toast ...

 served with chocolate drizzle!

Brioche French Toast



Egg Benny Lite 

 We did away with the heavy Hollandaise, served on english muffin, or potatoe Pattie, topped with avocado, tomato, poached egg, creme fraiche! 


Egg Blossoms, our fav!

   Phyllo Pastry Shell baked with egg, black forest ham, parmesan with chives and sundried tomato on top


Ham & Cheese Croissant Strata

-- Baked, with spinach and mushrooms, lots of cheese. a little note about the garnish tomatoes: we grow our own gooseberries or also known as Aunt Molly's Tomatoes as well as pear tomatoes.

Oven Baked Maple Pecan French Toast

 Garnish with Fresh Peaches from our tree. We like to serve this during August while our peaches are in season! Side of Turkey Sausages accompanied with Peach Salsa -- you guess it. Home made Peach Salsa also from peaches off our tree.


Sweet Potato Pancake

Gluten Free? Try this Sweet Potato Pancake, made with Sweet Potatoes, Flax Egg, Almond Milk, Red Mill Gluten Free Flour -- served with toasted walnuts, honey and peaches. Minus the Yogurt for total Vegan Meal.

Wheat Free Dairy Free Rhubarb and Strawberry Crisp 

Using quinoa flakes and organic wheat-free oats, this is yummy for breakfast or for afternoon tea! Some of our guests save it for dessert!


Zucchini Fritters

By mid-July we are serving Zucchini Fritters, made from the zucchinis grown fresh in our garden. Our Zucchini Fritters are Wheat-Free!

We serve up Zucchini Fritters with Prosciutto wrapped melon, or lox and spinach. Both with Poached egg and creme fraiche. Hearty, healthy, and complex carbs.


At the moment we bake three different breads for breakfast. Country Seed, Cranberry Pecan and Raisin Bread.

Fresh Cranberry Loaf and Swiss Sweet Braided Bread, Zopf for eating right out of the oven or making french toast!


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