Recipes A to Z - Egg Blossoms


 Egg Blossoms 

There are many variations of Egg Blossoms, but the following recipe is what we serve our guests here at Apples and Quails. 

   2 Blossoms per serving

This recipe will make 6 blossoms; I use a muffin tin for 6

  • melted butter
  • 36 squares of phyllo pastry cut 4.5" X 4.5"
  • 6 slices of black forest ham (cut to fit the bottom of the muffin tin)
  • parmesan cheese
  • 6 eggs
  • finely chopped chives
  • dash of cayenne
  • salt & pepper optional
  • sun-dried tomato

Butter the muffin tins / Brush melted butter in between 2 sheets and alternate 3 sets by lining the muffin tin. Place a piece of ham on the bottom, sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Break one egg into each; sprinkle with chives, cayenne and if desired salt and pepper as per taste. Top with a bit of sundered tomato. Bake 350 degree for 18 minutes.

*because the phyllo is so delicate; I use another sheet of cookie sheet under the muffin tin to prevent the bottoms from burning.


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