Art & Crafts

Handmade - Gunnar's Originals

I love to make things while we are away. Here is a black boucle hand-knitted sweater for Gunnar. The idea is that he's sporting curls today.

The sweater, below was hand-knitted with white eyelash and grey. It's for my wire-haired Jack Russell grand-dog. Email me if you would like a Gunnar's Original for your small dog!

The little white sweater below was knitted for a sweet senior dog named Banjo. He loves it and it's perfect for cold windy winter days in the campo in Andalucia Spain.


Our Local Art Collection

Newly acquired, May 2014, Bill Hibberd's Skaha Quails. View in Breakfast Room. Contact Bill



Apple Fritters, by John Salsnek                                                                                       

 You can view more of John's art at Paw Prints Studio & Gallery, Oliver, BC  


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Featuring some of our favourites... always healthy, always fresh & seasonal, and sometimes a bit creative

We try to incorporate many of the Okanagan's local products, produce as well as our own veggies, tomatoes, fruits from our garden.  We use fresh, free range eggs from a local supplier right in Summerland. We accommodate gluten-free, lactose free- and vegan diets too!


  Our Feature Breakfast: Apples and Quails Specialty Crepe.

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Our Garden

My love, hobby and my mental vacation.... 

you can't rush a bloom!


Here in the Okanagan, it's still pretty bare in early April. By mid-to late April, our Tulips in full bloom! By mid June, so much colour… Our front garden is our annual garden, bright colours in portulacas, pansies, and soon salvias. By August, the Cosmos and Zinnias stand tall, dwarfing the Gala Apple Tree in front.



    Late August, big blushing clusters of sedum takes on centre stage.

Walter and I always have had a love for nature, but at this time of our lives we are discovering a new found love of plants -- on our property as well as everything in our natural environment.  Never before allowed us the luxury to slow down and look, touch and smell nature. Although Walter's a avid mushroom forager, he's never nurtured fruit trees or grape vines. I've some gardening experience but nothing compared to the vastness of nature Apples and Quail's offer us. Someone once said "Stop and smell the roses!" A wise person, no doubt.

Personally, my goal is to create a garden where our guests and visitors can enjoy and fully appreciate what our Okanagan climate and sandy soil environment offers.  A garden which has an abundance of native plants and sometimes their non-native companions which adapt well to our hot dry summers. Our Okanagan native plants love the dry hot summers and therefore reduces water consumption -- and that is a big deal! Learning to practice xeriscape, I've learnt that beautiful blooms, foliage and textures so perpetual colour is possible throughout the spring through to late autumn. The bonuses are that native plants and flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees AND all with very little labour. The philosophy is quite simple really, we are not trying to force square plants into round pots! LOL --

The first two years I'd run out and purchase plants because I like them. Then only to learn they're not suitable for our soil, or high maintenance. Today I'm researching and thrive to select plants because they are suited to our environment.

Please join me in my journey of learning… this blog is a work in progress…. This blog is about identify all the existing plants already established at Apples and Quails, as well as my newly acquired babies.  Meanwhile, as I'm adding new arrivals, I will introduce them. Alphabetical order. You will note I am not writing as a plant expert but merely my personal experience as I identify them individually. 

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Recipes A to Z

The recipes listed here were originally featured on our facebook page. My favourites are usually simple and inspired by my travels and/or from fresh ingredients locally grown, especially from our garden.

Thanks for your interest, and happy baking! 

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What's Happening

Check in regularly to see what's happening in and around Summerland, especially during the time of your visit. For annual scheduled events and festivals click on From Our Door tab.

What's Happening features the most recent first, scroll down further to see past events of the year.

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Behind the Scenes



Behind the Scenes welcomes you to our day to day activities. Here we introduce ourselves, and invite you inside for a peek.  What are we cooking up today? What inspires us with a new feature breakfast. What's growing in our garden?  What's in season and fresh for the picking? What are we trying out in our test kitchen? What did we bring back from our travels?  We hope you will find it interesting.

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